Saturday, 3 March 2012

What to do?! What to do?!
My mind's room is a mess! 
"Dear Mr. Rabbit, wht should I do?!"

Little Mistress
Written by: Mr. Rabbit.

Once upon a time, little mistress stumbled upon a life that she did not expect nor have ever dreamed of. A life as a Telecommunication & Networking student. She is such a scatter brain and a mess in studying, so the master decided that Mr. Rabbit, the little mistress's attendant, to help her clean up and organize. Master just couldn't stand the ruckus little mistress made every time she misplaced one of her knowledge. She is such a crybaby.
"What to do?! What to do?!", she shout.
"My mind's room is a mess!", she wailed.
"Dear Mr. Rabbit, what should I do?!", she plead.
Who can stand such a being is a miracle. Well you could say I am that miracle I supposed. Thus start my life from being a babysitter to a mind's keeper. 

Writer's note: This blog is where I arrange little mistress's stuff and a little bit about my life.Please do share you're feeling while reading this blog in the comments space provided. toddles.