Tuesday, 17 April 2012

3rd Note

Transmission Media & Network Electronic Devices

Now moving on with my notes for Lil' Mistress, we've reached the 3rd note.
As the tittle suggested, we'll be going over transmission media & network electronic devices. 
This will be a short post going over description and example. These topics are rather easy, even though the terms used are seemingly complicated.

Transmission media is the object used to transmit data. 

So it's simply a topic that tells us what device is used for the said purpose.


Twisted pair
The physical media have 2 types:-
  1. Bounded/guided *trough wiring
  •  twisted pair
  • coaxial
  • Fibre optic
  • fibre optic



  1. Unbounded/unguided *using wave length, radio signal, etc.
  •  satelite communication
  • microwave radio
  • infrared signals

 Okay, next we'll go trough what is Network electronic devices...

  • Devices that controls data transmission from
    sources to destinations
  • Act as interface between different
    transmission media or communication protocol
example of these devices are:-
  •  Hub 
  • Router
  • Switch
  • Bridge
  • Gateway

Well, that's all for the 3rd. The 4th note will be about  network software. So be sure to come over for a review again. ヽ(・∇・)ノ

Mr. Rabbit

Monday, 16 April 2012

2nd Note

Computer Networking!

Let's discuss what is network today!  (・∇・)

Simply put, a network a compilation of links. Maybe for some, computer network  = internet.

Even I thought the same thing before.
Actually computer network is  a collection of COMPUTERS and  other HARDWARE DEVICES that are CONNECTED together to share  hardware, software, and data as well as to communicate with one  another.

 For example a computer being connected to a printer, is also a  network.  

Now let me put some listing of 

Network Classification and Network components

Network Classification

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • PAN (Personal Area Networks)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) 

 Network Components 
  1. Terminals, Workstations,
    Computers, and other devices
    (end nodes)
  2.  Transmission Media ( for
    transmitting data and control
  3.  Software to control data transmission
  4.  Network electronics ( intermediate devices
    for routing data from source)
  5. Network Architecture Standards
    (Standards to enable devices made by
    different companies to work/communicate
    with each other.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Little Mistress

Le Chapitre Un

 Uwaah~ today is such a nice day to go and wonder around and play. After breakfast while wearing long flowy soft pink coloured silk night gown, I start rummaging my double-door Gothic style oak wardrobe that stood 2 meter high at the left corner of my room to find what to wear for the day. I wonder if I should wear black today? Hurm, let's see what do we have here. Yeah! this'll do. I skipped towards my mirror to check the black lace at the end of my long sleeved Gothic style dress and at the edge of its skirts. I'm too rough sometimes so I tend to ruin my dress without noticing.

 I saw Mr. Rabbit at the breakfast table just now. The Colorn brand's black cotton slim and fit suits, the white long-sleeve shirt point and a black slim tie really complements his look. Hurm.. did he grew a bit more since the last few month? He was 180cm the last time we measured our heights together. Seriously, stop growing already! I look fragile every time we walk together. That is why my dad worries about me too much! ¬_¬

I start walking out my bedroom only to be startled by Mr. Rabbit who was reading while leaning against the yellow wall of opposite of the front of my door waiting to accompany me for the day with his black Converse carry bag which have double strap handle, external zip compartment, and main compartment with zip. He closed his book and slip it into his bag with a smile. Then he listen quietly while laughing a bit as I whine about him being too quite sometimes as we made our way to the garden. In the garden...

At the garden, we sat on a mat laid out by Mr. Rabbit earlier and started my daily morning revision before my private tutor arrive at 10 o'clock. I opened up my note book and started reading...



"Hey Mr. Rabbit. I found these peculiar words today. I heard of 'em somewhere but I couldn't remember~" >w<


"Well, let's see what is written here in your notes. . "


Communication =  the exchange of thoughts, messages, ideas, or information by sign and sounds like speech signals, writing or behaviour 


"ops! guess I forgotten that it was there. hehe"


Wait! there's more! \0.0/

  "UUU~~ Pweetty flower!!"  (っˆヮˆ)っ


"Please focus now Little Mistress! This is your note on the elements of communication technology. I'll put a little bit more notes to assist you since you tend to forget things all to easily" =_=" 


*scribble, scribble.


'I know that already! you don't need to say it out loud!' I thought as I glare watch Mr. Rabbit scribbling down the note.


"Now, now, little mistress, don't be offended by my words. You're to cute when you're vexed. I couldn't help myself but to tease you a bit" Mr. Rabbit gently said whilst his eyes unmoving from writing the note.


"When was I vexed?! You clearly don't know me enough Mr. Rabbit!" I turned away, hoping to hide the tint of pink creeping up my face. Geez! Mr. Rabbit sure is one sweet-talker. 


"Alright, I'm done with the notes. Little Mistress what are you doing? Turn around now. I'm apologized if my words offended you little mistress. I'll make your favourite strawberry chocolate crepe after we finished with your revision ok.

"Yeay! ok then, let's finish up fast!" I chirped, exited for the treat after this. Mr. Rabbit makes the best crepe ever.



 Night came slowly after all my schedule for the day. I got ready for bed and started slipping into my comfortable outfit, I throw myself on the bed. Feeling the fluffy and soft cover. Sleepiness crept up on me not too long after and everything slips into darkness as I close my eyes, anticipating another day.